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Valspar 2014 Color Trends

Valspar just came out with their 2014 Color Trends. While being an overall pallet of moody tints and tones it is calmly inviting. The combinations of the optically faded greys, browns beiges and blues accented by turquoise and pinks makes it feel nostalgic without feeling old. They simplified down their bright and fun summer trends into something more relatable and easier to transition from the indoors of your home into your outdoor space.

Well what are the trends?!

First we have Zenergy our moodiest and most masculine trend of the bunch. The Color pallet includes mossy green, taupes that are unsure if they are more brown or grey, peacock blue, beige, tealy blue and off white being our brightest color. The monochrome pallet reverberates feelings of simplicity and minimalism in our surroundings, while the natural colours that lean on the outdoors establish an uncomplicated space and a sense of security.

Time Traveler I personally feel is the strongest story out of the three. Where very dark dusty hues of hunter green, taupe and ox blood red are complimented with a just slightly more saturated greyish lavender, navy blue and mustard yellow. At first glance this pallet is calling you over to play but then you notice how dark and tinted the colors are with the exception of mustard yellow. (Don’t believe me? Hold your finger over the yellow and tell me what you see.) The greyed out colors make a vintage feeling pallet more modern without loosing the nostalgia. Bravo on his one – Valspar I love it!

That leaves us with Yours Truely. No not me – that is the name of our last trend. Yours Truely has an almost dreamlike quality that is up in the clouds and filled with sunlight. The varied color pallet is mostly rooted in faded browns and beiges accented with sun bleached green, blue, pink and red. This trend is expressive and vibrant while pulled together and stable with the browns.

Check out the video narrated by Valspars Color Strategist Sue Kim.


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