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The Outdoor Room

Granted this trend has been around for a couple years, and I know what you are thinking. Trends do not have to be brand new as long as we are seeing the evolution of them.

Last year this trend was more about bringing the indoors out(side)- taking more direct indoor furniture trends and applying them to outdoor furniture. An example of last year was upholstery. The look of these chairs would be more like something that you would typically see in the indoors. Last year was much more ornate with the combination of the upholstery, scroll headers and a look that was more I look like I am an indoor product because I can.

This year however the market has calmed down and designers across the board are bringing all of these indoor methods over in a more back to the basics mentality. Ideas of upholstery are trickling down to Padded Sling Chairs. The overall idea of the outdoor room this year is having all of the comforts of the inside available outside.

There is a wide range in peoples comforts but there are signifier’s of the outdoor room. Whether it be geared towards an outdoor kitchen that has seating close by the bbq area, living space that has both a chat and dining set, a lighted entertaining space or comfy seating around a fire pit for our late night social birds. All have a common trend of comfort and defining the outdoor space as a living space instead of simply a seating area.

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