Revisiting the patio umbrella

We felt like we had to feature the umbrellas of Hedge Row Studios. It is very rare that you see such innovation in a commonplace product. Patio umbrellas have been around for a long time, and almost every outdoor space purchased from a home improvement store or arranged by a designer includes one.

All of the designs available for these umbrellas are hand painted with UV Protected paint. The designs are elegant, but still applied in a modern fashion. The patterns in the most part are large scale  and are closer to the edges of the umbrella so they resemble a cut and sew pattern, very different from most patterned umbrellas you will find that have an allover patterned fabric on top.

What we see that have made these umbrellas so innovative- aside from the beautifully painted patterns on top- can be found in the lighting option that is available. Lighting in umbrellas is not a new idea and many designers and manufacturers have been trying their hands at this.

Most of the time we see solar light umbrellas that have a dim bulb that shines with the energy collected over the day. Or even LED lighting that follows its way across the rib frames of the inside of the umbrella. These do not have enough light to really light up a space but is used more of an accent.

The lights in the Hedge Row umbrellas are special for two reasons, they are very bright and the bulbs are hidden from plain view. This solves functional and aesthetic problems while still claiming easy replaceability.



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