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High Fashion Exposes Their Heels of Hardware

As Paris Fashion week is winding down Elle Decor shows prominent designers as made their debut of heels with exposed hardware.

Exposing structural details has been a trend that has been visited already in outdoor furniture in more subtle ways. Like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for the consumer to see small details of how either the set was assembled or to give reference that it was an object that was designed and built. Most consumers do not stop to think about HOW their product got there but that the look comfort and functionality of the product fits their needs.

When I first saw this article, I thought back to my favourite pair of boots. I wore those bad boys everyday. Calf high leather boots that had about a one inch high sizeable heel. They were comfortable and extremely functional I could wear them in any weather, running in-between classes or riding on my bike. I wore those boots for so long one day they completely fell apart exposing all of the plastic framing and cardboard that held the leather together.

I still am mortified and intrigued that my boots had so much cardboard in them. Designers like Miuccia Prada and Ricardo Tisci were trying to expose the same type of shock value. As the consumer we do not know how its made and the designers want to make us think about the whole process that brought these shoes to us.

Trends are cyclical. They never disappear- they just continue to evolve. With the shoes the last couple years a heavily adorned heel was the trend – and this year – the designers are stripping it down. Furniture goes through the same ups and downs.

I find it extremely entertaining that Elle Decor named the style of these shoes as Home Depot Chic. It makes sense. Hardware. I doubt that the designers liked that notion at all. But it all comes back to even complicated goods like shoes or furniture is made out of simple parts and pieces that are probably available at places like Home Depot.

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