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Flat Trends

Creative Market Blogged about 5 New Trends in Flat Design. Reading through the article Creative Market is referencing graphic design elements as technology is shifting from large computer screens to small smartphone screens, many of their concepts could be applied to outdoor furniture design, and overall to current day design in general .

“In the last few years, design has shifted from a robust 3-D aesthetic to a flat and minimalist approach. The same… way we view our content has changed …, creating even more need for clutter reduction and simplification.”


Modern, Industrial and Scandinavian designs are getting the most attention at trade shows.  These are not new trends but the stories are beginning to merge together and elements are starting to be more generalized.

Clutter Reduction

Now days people on the general basis are overwhelmed with visual information. Advertising, fashion and decor is overstimulating with colors, patterns, shapes, and typography. Furniture designers are beginning to strip unnecessary details to make furniture simpler to look at. Simpler design is not only less expensive to produce but it makes less information to read in a space so it would create a more peaceful relaxing space.

Elegant Simplicity

This is more geared towards making phone apps pared down for simplicity. But keeping a design simple not only at an aesthetic level but at an assembly level makes it easier on the end users. Not loading up a design with features that do not make sense makes it more complicated to use and to assemble. You do not need a solar lighted table with an ice chest in the center. More stuff to assemble, more stuff to break and to find replacement parts for.

Smarter Users

Having a wide variation in ages of users you need to make a design accessible to everyone. Color and style are the two biggest contributors to outdoor patio furniture. Childrens furniture is typically brighter colors with minimal design, while for adults it is more neutral colors and typically more traditional design. Having simpler designs gives us more room to play with color. If you only have to replace the cushions and pillows on a set you will be able to get the most time and value out of your set.

Responsive Design

Flat design is infinitely more responsive- in technology it requires less time for loading and less data usage to view. Think of the loading and data as our minds processing the information we see. Even in pattern we are seeing more hand drawn and minimalistic motifs. The less information that we have to process the more relaxed our minds will be. Color and style are important- but it is your space and it should be something that you feel comfortable in.

Keeping up with Technology

Keeping up with technology and staying innovative is a task to live up to in any industry. being technology forward does not mean that you have to implement everything that comes your way only for the sake of being innovative- work off of new materials and technology- use it where it benefits your design. Do not base your design around it. Users can always tell if something was designed to be lasting or trendy.


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