Belle_Bazar Trend_April 2014

Belle – How Bazaar


In the new April Issue of Belle Magazine the How BAZAAR trend caught my eye for several reasons. It is an interesting new evolution of our exotic trend that has gone through renditions of Jungle, Tribal, and an East meets West in the past. Taking on a turkish theme adds a little more rustic elegance into the mix instead of wildly bright colors and bold striking patterns.

Turkish theme will heavily push the use of metals like bronze and copper and have more intricate smaller scale patterns that look handpainted. Shape of the product will also be affected by this trend. Where furniture had more of rounded with last years East Meets West theme we will see soft angles with the coming of Bazaar. As Turkish rather favor hexagons that do not have very steep angles.

Touched on this earlier but the use of copper is becoming very popular. Home Accents Today, HFN, Elle Decor and Belle have all mentioned Copper in one of their trends or called it out as an upcoming trend. Kate Smith’s Sensational Color came out with a great article for how to use metallic tones in your outdoor living space. It was rather quite nice and very easy to add into your space in whatever stage you are in decorating your own outdoor oasis no matter what exotic region you choose as the theme

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