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ACE Hardware Color Pallet Based on OPI Colors

Ace hardware has selected bestselling (nail polish) colors from OPI to be sold under Ace Private label brand Clark + Kensington as part of their trend color stories for 2015. You will be able to buy colors that you have coveted on your nails as the perfect hue for your living room.

And don’t worry you will not be stuck with a tiny nail polish brush to paint your walls it comes in full paint cans

OPI has worked with companies such as Ford Mustang, Coca Cola and other celebrities to launch color collections for nail polishes in the past but this is the first time that a company has come directly to them to launch their color selections in home paint. Ace was looking for opportunities beyond the traditional color authority sources and thought that since women are often the ones making decisions about paint color that they believed that this would be a natural fit. “No color is taboo in painting your nails or painting your walls.” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI co-founder and executive vice president.

“We were looking for opportunities beyond the traditional sources that had authority in color,” says Dana Larsen, an Ace marketing executive who helped put the deal together. “This gives us the opportunity to pull in new consumers to our paint department.”

This is a fun and exciting trend that will hopefully inspire other industries to look to sources other than Pantone or others that are looked at as Color Authorities. Most big retailers have been thinking outside the box and have been getting in name brand designers to make a line that they sell inside their store. Ace bringing in OPI brings in a large demographic that is in love with color – and is a great talking point when you have people over. Be in love with colors that you find- and use them creatively.

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